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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  September 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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we'reust two hours from the official start of the democratic national convince. you're in the cycle. good afternoon. i'm s.e. can cupp and we're caught in the charlotte's webb. >> i'm toure. michelle obama, second most popular political figure, i bet she is proud of america now. >> i'm crystal ball. our economy is at near historic lows. so will it matter as much this time around? >> i'm steve kornacki here in charlotte where the skies just opened up on us. forget healthcare and the budget. tonight we are getting to the real issue, which candidate is the best looking? >> that is my thoughts on sally fields and clint eastwood. it is september 4th and you're in the cycle.
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dnc kicks off tonight in charlotte and the crowds are starting it file in. 35,000 delegates media and fans are expected to be there no rub elbows and give speeches. tonight, mayor villaraigosa, rahm emmanuel, harry reid, jimmy carter and lilly ledbetter. all leading up to keynote speaker julian castro and headliner michelle obama. more on them coming up. vice president biden is expected
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to be there thursday and the president later in the week. >> whatever i say here today, it's going to be at best, a distant second to the speech you will hear tonight from the star of the obama family, michelle obama. on thursday night, i will offer what i believe is a better path forward. a path that will create good jobs. and strengthen our middle class. and grow our economy. and the good news is, virginia, that in just two months, you get to choose which path we take. >> our very own steve kornacki is? charlotte. steve, what's the vibe ahead of tonight's big speeches? >> i tell you just a minute ago we had one heck of a crowd behind us. some of them are still here can which is great but skies just opened and the pouring rain all of a sudden. that seems to happen a lot here in charlotte. you talked about michelle obama and we will discuss that later, i know. but i think, you know, the interesting thing to keep in mind about official obama's speech tonight and a lot of other speeches is if there is
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one big idea that democrats are trying to achieve here tonight, is to maximize support among what one political observer called the coalition of the ascendant. if democrats win this election, it is going to be by maximizing and driving up support with specific demographic roots alienated from the republican party and finding themselves in line with the democratic party in recent years. we are talking about women, specifically college educated women, hispanics and guys too, especially with the democratic party embracing guy marriage. these are the groups the democratic party is reaching out to. michelle obama's speech is part of this. you mentioned the keynote speak julian castro, and so that's part of the theme. the other thing i mention, is if there is news, is that the democratic party is releasing platform language and language speaks to the goal i'm talking about. this is the first time we have it on tape for the first time a
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political party in the united states, major political party comes out with guy marriage. this is an unequivocal call, a call for comprehensive immigration reform. again, driving up support among those groups. that's the news out of here today. the other thing i would just mention, i was going to hold up some buns for you guys, that i picked up down here. msnbc is putting pictures of all of the much buttons and people around here, the crowd here, can pick out their favorite one. i was going to bring krystal and toure and s.e. i stopped by the counter and they said, those are all sold out. we have a about a dozen of the kornacki ones left. >> right. >> that not true. >> i know that's not true. >> i shutter to think what they are doing with my buttons down there. let's bring in former -- >> he are pushing your buttons. >> let's bring in ed rendell,
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when al gore was running and he was named america's governor. governor, how is the dnc this year? we remember the pageant try of 2008. how does the dnc this year celebrate the president, celebrate the party, celebrate policies but also acknowledge the mood of the nation? high unemployment. eye a rocky economy. how do they walk that line this time? >> i think you will find a more sober attitude than in 2008. in 2008 people were soaring, people's feet barely touched the ground. we add new president, or hoped to be a new president, dynamic campaigner. someone whose rhetoric was unbelievable and the sky seemed to be, there was no limit. now we know the harsh realities of what barack obama inherited, aflingted t aapli afflicted the country and i
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think there is -- as opposed to any floating spirit, a determination to re-elect the president. and there is a grim determination. i think that will turn out into a turnout almost as good as in 2008. but this convention will be celebrating to some extent but constantly acknowledge the fact we know that there are americanes who are hurting and our job if we win is to change the dynamic for them. >> governor, you talk about that grim determination. that's what democrats are feel ppg what should they be feeling? should they be optimistic, pessimistic, nervous, what is the mood they should be having when you look at t race over all? >> grim determination. this is not going to be easy. i don't think anybody thinks it'll be easy in pennsylvania we are up nine in the polls. i guarantee you, pennsylvania
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will get closer before it's over. romney forces haven't but any money in pennsylvania. do you think with all of the money they have they're not going to flood pennsylvania in the last six weeks? you bet they are. so we've got to be ready. everybody here is determined. no sleep for the next eight, nine weeks. we know what we've got to do. >> there is an interesting editorial. i want to read a little bit of it. arguing that joe biden should play a more prominent role here at the dnc. francis said with democrats on a role, blacks, his tan iks and women, biden is the ultimate ambassador to the land of white guys. matching the republican team in sheer whiteness while surpassing them in guyness. so the interesting thing here to me, is republicans at their convention tried to highlight the latinos and women in n their party to go after those voting blocks they've had trouble gaining favor with. the democrats also seem ton featuring a lot of women and latinos. should they be focused more on
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working class white guys, like joe biden? >> kryatal, i think thursday night you will hear the vice president and president talk to those blue collar working americans. you know, they have been voting against their economic interest for a long while and the different plans, economic plans, romney plan which is basically trickle down economics which didn't work for president bush within and really hasn't worked for the last 50 or 60 years is a plan that will put significant investment and infrastructure and the blue collar whites are in construction, in manufacturing. it will do a broad energy initiative that will put people back to work, invest in research and development. those are the things that those blue collar voters have to keep their ears open for because that's the way it get back it work. at the same time, we are reducing the deficit. we've got to continue to invest in things that will recharge this economy.
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and barack obama and joe biden will deliver that message under no uncertain terms. so i think their speech will be not just directed towards independent but directed towards working class whites, who if they are construction guys working half of the year and making half of their income. if they are in manufacturing, maybe they haven't worked in a year and a half. the obama investment plan can get the people back it work and that's a message you can hear pounding through the air waves on thursday. >> great. >> governor, i think it is clear now that republicans coming out of their can convention last week got at best minimal bounce. i would say two or three points from it. there is a couple different theories. one is that they add bad convention. the other is that there is so much polarization in the electorate right now, that major convention bounces are basically over. people go in knowing where they stand. voters do. do you think democrats have the opportunity to open up a real lead in this race or is this going to be, we will get to the end of the week and we expect it still to be a margin of error
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situation? >> steve, it is very hard it get a bounce. with 6, 8, 10% of electorates decided. it is hard to get bounce we use get from conventions. i think independents are listening. i think those who haven't made up their mind are listening and i think they will like what they hear this week. i would be disappointed if we didn't widen the lead. an huge margin but widen the lead. this race will never get above 4 points on each side. >> ed rendell, the straight shooter. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> the key to a democratic victory in november. the first lady takes the mic. we have a preview in the spin cycle as we roll on for tuesday, september 4th. whoa.
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sponsored by the letters d-n-c and will be delivered by julian castro. that's him on the left by his brother, joaquinn, texas state rep, running for mayor. this is the first time a latino ever filled that coveted keynote spot. but what is it bringing people to the polls? people who look like them or policies that benefit them. krystal, we talked about this before the show, it is been putting people on the stage, it is about the policies the party is all about. when you have party like the gop
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hostile to hispanics as well as women, as well as guys, as well as blacks, it'll be hard -- >> hostile people. >> absolutely. it is hard it bring people into the party. as lindsay graham said, they are not creating enough angry white men to continue on the path that they are on. the demographics are moving against them if they are going to continue to be that way. and if hispanics show up and deliver this for barack obama, the gop will have to come to jesus and change their stance on immigration. >> i think that's right. much has been written about the fact that this is probably the last time they could even possibly put together the coalition of basically one group. >> right. >> they are trying to put together to win this with thiem around. >> i agre with you. i this i for the rnc, i think it was important to put forward diverse faces just to help combat the image that this is a party that is actively hostile, to recent immigrant. but at root, this is a question of values and question of
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policyes. it is not just, does that person look like me, is it, do they believe what i believe and do i trust them. and an interesting poll, asking latino voters, rnc featured mark why rubio and susana martinez, did that give you a more favorable or less favorable and 60% of latinos said it had no impact. 7% said less favorable to a little bit of an impact but i think at root it is the values. >> and romney got a four point bump from latinos post convention. which i think is interesting. steve? >> i tend to agree. i think is something the republicans and will revisit after the election. i don't think there is anything they can do to change the form of hispanics right now. they illustrated it per spektly by tonight's keynote speaker.
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keynote spot launched political careers. mario coan cuomo, ann richards, using the keynote address to become governor of texas, to win the gubinatorial election two years later. a lot of people look at julian castro and say, he can use this speech to par lay into a campaign for governor of texas. that is since ann richards. and the problem for republicans and the reason why julian castro is a threat, is they have faced this evolving demographic challenge in texas. large state, conservative state, but a growing hispanic population. if it is alienated, eventually the numbers work out so a guy like julian castro can win an election there. unless republicans change their tune in adopting a more inclusive tone towards hispanic. >> tonight's headliner, first lady michelle obama who told sirius xm a bit about what she
3:18 pm
will be talking about. >> ready for this convention, ready for to win this election. i'm pretty fired up. >> what are you prepared to tell the american people? >> i'm going to remind people about the values that drive my husband to do what he has done and what he is going to do for the next four years. i'm going to take folks back to the man that he was before he was president, because the truth is, that he has grown so much but in terms of his core values and character, that has not been changed at all. >> michelle is one of the two most popular figures in america along with president clinton which means we have come a long way, when she says for the first time in my adult life i am proud of my country. which led to her as a new yorker portrayal which is a bit off tone. not in good taste. over time michelle softened her image and became a traditional first lady. it is an interesting journey.
3:19 pm
when she said that, it is now what we would can call a dog whistle. black people heard that and said, yes, i totally agree. she is talking about the history of america which brought up many things that gave us many thing to be unhappy about, shall we say. since then she changed. if you read jody cantor's research, she is very consciously said, hey, i'm not costing my husband this election. we are in this to win. there is distance between the private miller obama and public michelle obama. it is very intelligent. >> i don't agree. i don't think she changed. i think she has become a more polished political figure and recognized where the political land mines are. as someone who dabbled in politics myself, when you are doing it for the first time, you don't recognize how sensitive your statements can be. so i don't think she has changed at all. i think she is a very same person. she's been very voc al and i wil
3:20 pm
campaign myself and my affairs the way i want to and i wouldn't be trouted out when you want me to be. she chose issues she cares about. she is at core very much herself which is why the american people love her. she was kark can coutured in the beginning. you showed that new yorker piece which was like, the caricature of her. but that was never who she was. and the more people have gotten to know her the more apparent it has become that the caricature is not true. >> but person who said, i'm finally proud of america. that's who she was. harvard lawyer, a tough woman. now she is doing gardening, fighting against obesity. i'm sure she cares about things but i'm sure there is side of her that she is hiding for good reason. >> i would say she has chosen to focus more on the aspirational elements of the country because that is in line with who her husband is and who the country want to see. but i will say, michelle is still michelle. and i think we have a little bit
3:21 pm
of tape that i want it roll here, of michelle obama visiting a middle school in d.c. >> do we have that? there we go. >> look how cute she is. she's just -- >> she is doing the -- she's dancing. >> how do you know the -- >> know, because michelle obama did it. when the first lady can go to a school like this in d.c. and do the dougy and be herself and be can comfortable, i think that's fundamentally what the american people are relating to. that there is no distance between her public per sonja and public per persona. >> i think her age has something do with it as well. this is a young couple. he was when he came into the oval office. he is a little gray now. having young kids, this is part of her young family and how she behaves. >> what are you expecting from
3:22 pm
the speech tonight, steve? >> yeah, no, the only point i want it make is i don't think there's been a change in the way michelle obama's been presented to the country from the time barack obama started running for president until today. you're right, i think she just learned where the land mines are. i think there is a very conscious effort and decision to look back at bill and hillary clinton and the perceived errors the clintons made in early 1990s and how they introduced hillary to the public. this was a cautionary tale that they felt they came on too strong with the idea. i think the words bill clinton used, was you are getting two for the price of one. as if making it seem that hillary would be directly involved. putting her in charge of healthcare when clinton took office. she was the most polarizing public figure in the country for so many years in the 1990 1s and became they came on too strong with now they introduced her. i saw in the beginning with
3:23 pm
michelle, she has a background as a professional woman and very accomplished. but i didn't see them trying to present herself that way at all. and i still see that. >> but when we talk about the '90s, steve cokornacki -- >> he is the expert. >> is this election any different? well break it down. i've worked hard to build my family. and also to build my career. so i'm not about to always let my frequent bladder urges,
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romney remains off the campaign trail as dnc gets under way. but as paul ryan is out today, the key swing state of ohio. take a look. >> let's be very candid. president obama inherited a difficult situation when he came into office. here's the problem. he made things worse.
3:27 pm
he's run out of ideas. >> romney team continues to hammer president obama on the economy and those attacks appear to be working. the latest nbc news wall street journal poll shows more than half disapprove of his handling of the economy. nearly 13 million americans are out ever work. unemployment rate is north of 8%. and we're racing for another uncertain jobs report on friday, a day after president obama's big convention speech. the only one in modern history to survive a bad economy is ronald reagan. but back to obama and our poll. nearly six in ten americans see him as a like al guy and easy-going guy. someone you want it grab a beer with. so what wins outcome november in policy or personality? in the guest spot today, associate politics editor for roll cal, david druker joining us from charlotte. hey, david.
3:28 pm
>> hey, how you doing? >> good. i was reading through a new york times piece from earlier in the year by a i go named morris fierorina. he looked specifically aplng other elections at 2000 and al gore's loss to george bush. a lot of people after that said, well it had to be because he wasn't likeable. he writes of a pl gore, among the postmortem's a prom nebt explanation for gore's negative accomplishment was the negative ones. people didn't like him. gore was a no know-it-all. the kind of boy who would remind the teacher that she forgot to give homework. he says likability is a minor factor. jimmy carter's unlikebility was the higher of democrats even
3:29 pm
those his job approval was low. reagan's likability in 1980 was the lowest among republicans. he compares that jfk and reagan revealed charisma after they had been elected. what do you think? is it likability or the economy this year with obama? >> well i think it is ult maltly the economy. having said that, you can't have a candidate who is so unlikable that people won't pay atengt to what he says. however, i think what is really important and in modern times where we have seen candidates trip up is not so much likability but when it appears they don't know who they are and when they keep trying to reinvent themselves. i think given what romney was able to accomplish in his convention last week, he add least appears to know who he is and is trying to let people into the private side of him. which is something you have to do. now having said that, we know the president is likeable and a
3:30 pm
couple good jobs report will help him. it is night ratight race and pel decide on who they think will be a better leader in that regard going forward. >> we've never seen a differential this large between the likability of the president and unlikebility of underwater numbers for romney. never seen a major party nominee as unliked as romney is. so this is a huge differential between these. i want to throw in another statistic. in last five elections, gallup says the candidate with the greatest gavebility rating which may be slightly different from the likability, but the greatest favorability always wins in the last five elections. we are talking four of last five are rock stars to their fans from reagan, clinton, bush and obama. i think there is something to this likability thing, don't you think? >> i think you're right in terms of personal favorability. as we know with presidents facing tough economic head winds
3:31 pm
or political head winds. what i watch for is not so much job approval but the president getting elected around 47, 48%, maybe even 46. but does it stay above 50% p. the the minute you are below 50%, it means you may be on the verge of losing the american people all together. we saw that with mr. bush. when the country was finished with him, his personal favorites within which were always high, dipped when low 50% and never recovered. what we don't know and haven't seen in the last five presidents, we haven't seen a president running for election with 8.3% unemployment, a huge underemployment population. so it is really in a sense, we're in unchart chaed waters. >> i think there is something
3:32 pm
likability may be related to, and that is the length of time a person or his party controlled the white house. this is obama ae first term. i think there a tendency and some political scientists to back this up, there a tendency to like an incumbent more in the first term and party's first term and to not want it give up on that incumbent or that party. george bush senior 1992 was a likeable guy but 12 rules of republican rule and you had high unem plo ununemployment, economic anxiety, and it was just, let's just give up. here, it's only been four years, one term, and clear likability. so a t is worth a pointer there two, people who don't want to give up this soon. >> well, there is something to that to this dedegree as well.
3:33 pm
i think steve, it has to do that they haven't been out of power that long. if mitt romney doesn't win the election, whoever the republicans nominate in four years, you will see a lot plor unit simply for the fact that they are going to be so hungry to get back into the wlous. and when you've only been out for four years and you're not quite happy with how your party conducted itself when you were in power, you're not missing it in the way that you would otherwise and you're not willing to put everything else aside for vi victory. you are thinking about what kind of victory. if the republicans don't win, four years from now, it'll be anything -- we will put aside anything to get to victory and wore before i it later. >> david, is there a clear historical precedent for the less likeable, like clearly less likeable candidate to win at the presidential level? >> i'm not sure. we have seen some who were not that dynamic or likeable win.
3:34 pm
richard nixon was an beacon. george walker herbert bush was capable but no one swooned. you remember the vision thing. steve will probably remember this. >> he definitely does. >> the vision deficit and thousand point of light we used to joke about it. and george, you know, george w. bush still couldn't put three sent e7bss together in the 2000 campaign and wasn't very articulate. aep al gore who didn't know who he was and constantly trying to reinvent himself, he won the popular vote even though he didn't win the election. plenty for not the most engaging inspirational candidate winning the big races, it is possible it could happen. it is a matter of where voters are over the next six weeks. >> guys, 30 seconds, drucker
3:35 pm
made they think of something, nixon won in 1968. and the guy he he beat, the happy warrior. >> okay, david drucker, thanks for joining us. on a side note, joe biden arrived in charlotte. thissi year a lot has been madef the enthusiasm gap. we will hear what young voters have to say about that at the convention straight ahead. [ thunder crashes ] [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same...
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3:39 pm
enthusistic voting blocks. obama beat mccain by more than 30 points in 18 to 29 demographic. since taking office the president visited a college or high school 132 times. at norfolk state university today. but are young voters still as enthusiastic about him as he is about them in we spoke with some at dnc in charlotte bp let's listen. >> i think is bound to happen. i think that he represented so many things that my generation believed at that time, it was fresh. good to that someone understand what our generation wanted. >> i think it is increased because we know what is at stake. and he is not able to complete the work he started. >> fired up. other people are -- i don't care. it is not that big after deal.
3:40 pm
my vote doesn't count. to me, that is one of the biggest problems with our generation is the lack of interest in the voting system. and how our government works. and i think that's something we need to address. >> joining us now from charlotte, matt seagull, can co-founder of our time, a group devoted to empowering young vote. thanks for joining us again. >> my pleasure. >> you heard the video we just played. sounds like a mixed verdict. some people are more excited. others say yeah, more apathy this time around. what have you been hearing on the ground? >> well, there is a slight enthusiasm gap but not in a convention by any means. >> sure. >> you know, it is interesting being at both conventions to note the demographic gap in changes. in tampa, it is a much older, certainly less diverse crowd. here, it is incredibly young. much more vibrant and there is a lot more diversity. it reflects our culture.
3:41 pm
the most culturally diverse in history. but there are problems that many of the people you interviewed said, debt and joblessness. which ever candidates have the better plan and there is an interesting perspective to provide on both candidates on those issues, will definitely carry our demographic. >> matt, north carolina was obviously an exciting state for the democrats to win last time around. the president won it by only 14,000 votes. and they registered a big part of that victory, registered 675,000 new voters. of those 314,000 of them were young voters. so it is easy it see that young voters were really key part of the victory there in north carolina and other states across the country. this time around, though, at least five states have banned the use of college ids for voting. florida has made address changes, more difficult. so particularly college student coming in. close to november. we will have more trouble.
3:42 pm
how much are you can concerned about those sorts of barriers to voting and how do you think the obama campaign is doing at organizing on the ground to overcome voting restrictions? >> to answer your question, i'm extremely concerned about these photo id restrictions at the polling place. they are incredibly sinister in intent because we know that problem that they are supposed to go after, which is voter fraud, is almost nonexistent problem in less than a hundred cases the last ten years. of course. cases have been committed accidentally by former felons who did not know they lost their right to vote. meanwhile students are not only having to find id to match their college address where they have a supreme court upheld right to vote at, but on top of that, they have to decipher through all kinds of misinformation. told if they don't change their driver's license, people were told if you don't change your driver's license you can't vote in college, and so forth.
3:43 pm
so the obama campaign and any campaign that want to encourage youth voters to show up and turn out are going to have to do a very thorough job of messaging the laws in these various different states. and of course, on top of that, colleges and universities are going to have to step up to the plate and did a much better job telling students about the laws in their states as well. you've seen colleges often rhett sent because they don't want to seem like they have some partisan political intent. but colleges and universities have a much bigger responsibility to do more to encourage civic participation on behalf of this irstudents. i've been very disappointed based on stories we have heard from our members that colleges have not been done a good job of using orientation and classes to register students and tell them about the laws in their states.
3:44 pm
so the burden will fall on outreach and aspects that can be employed and in different states. >> thank, matt. >> the chiselled abs, p90x and paul ryan has to have the most looks. who and those blue eyes. who looks like what and dwhy it matters is up next. and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day.
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the 4th of july will no longer be known as an american holiday. but as the day when the world declared in one voice, we will not go quietly into the night! we will not vanish without a fight! we're going to live on! we're going to survive! today, we celebrate our independence day! >> well that was the 1996 blockbuster film "independence day" but did it star bill pullman or mitt romney? either way, there is no doubt romney has a certain star quality. there is actually science behind it. a harvard professor rated romney in the 99th percentile of
3:49 pm
attractiveness. paul ryan was back in the 67th percentile. then joe biden wasn't far behind. in the 62nd percentile. president obama wasn't included because he was too recognizable. back in 2008, many credited obama's swagger and hipness as a major advantage against the much older john mccain. but four years later, obama is a bit more aged, more gray-haired. is the same thing still true this time? are voters actually that vein? i will throw this around in a spin cycle here and guys, i will leave it to you but i want it make two comments here. first is, they call politics show business for ugly people. so i'm not -- i'm not even sure it even matters who is attractive and who isn't. and there's been one big break out star in american politics in the obama era, not including obama himself, it would be chris
3:50 pm
christie. i don't know what percentile it would be in that study -- >> what are you saying, steve? >> he's saying chris christie is hot. >> that's my contribution to the who's hot m politics discussion. >> we know what you think of chris christie's future, steve, but the poll they love john thune, right. >> who doesn't. >> well -- >> i don't. >> right on that one. >> a totally inpolitic question, we start talking about good-looking politicians, is there any politician, hypothetically speaking f you could say have a date with any politician elected politician, who would it be? >> i think i did have a date last week with rick perry, at least i did in my mind. i interviewed him at the rnc. he's a very handsome man. >> look at that picture. >> i'm really -- >> you look inappropriately happy. >> he's a great looking guy. date any of these guys. i don't know that i trust any of
3:51 pm
them as far as i can throw them. >> but you go for looks over intelligence there. >> i wouldn't say that, no, toure. >> crystal, anybody? >> i was thinking about this earlier and i'm struggling to come up with a single male politician i truly find attractive. something about the politicsness of male politicians that puts me off. >> what about a female politician? >> oh, this is getting interesting. >> well, i do think there are some lovely ladies out there, not exactly a politician but i have a girl crush on michele obama. >> nice. >> i think she's pretty amazing. >> i would love to see you two gals on the town. my thing is -- the study about looking at someone's picture and deeming them attractive or not. i don't think for women that's how it works. like president obama is much more attractive because of his charisma and who he is. >> and power, let's not forget. >> and his power. >> the way that things work, men can look traditionally
3:52 pm
attractive, whatever that means, and be listened to at the same time. when a woman starts to look too attractive, use too much of her erotic capital you'll call it, you're not going to be taken as seriously for your mind and the things you think and believe. as you talked about when you were running you don't want to play up your beauty too much. i look through tons of pictures of american elected female politicians, officials -- >> because that's wha you do all day. >> that's what i do. >> i couldn't find any i would want to date to play with this idea. >> i think that's partly, though, because there are so few female politicians out there right now and that stereotype and what you're talking about, i think it does have roots in reality, but i also think that's a barrier we need to push back against. women who -- however they are, however they want to present themselves should be able to be taken seriously and i think what you're talking about is an issue. men having sex appeal in the jfk kind of way is definitely an advantage for women it's a little diceyer.
3:53 pm
>> agreed. >> that's not a bad thing. women should be taken seriously in the political arena without having -- >> why is that a bad thing? why can't you be sexy and smart and beautiful? >> all right. >> not going to win this argument toure. >> i love this concept. >> guys, i am -- i'm going to jump in to end this segment. it was interesting to listen to your take on it. sorry i didn't have more to contribute here. up next, s. enchgts no stranger to controversy but you'll never guess who's coming after our fellow cyclist this time. she responds straight ahead. ingg like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app.
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♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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a pasta see. as a republican i am used to being called a traitor, my generation, gender, politics, but i've been called a traitor for reasons unexpected. i dared to criticize a hollywood actor. when word got out that clint eastwood was going tonight mystery guest at the rnc in tampa. i was lessed than pleased, weary we republicans fall into the same trap getting all giddy when someone from a circle that doesn't usually appreciate us, hollywood, reveals themselves as a supporter. no matter who they are, a hollywood weirdo becomes an unimpeachable witness when they are announced they are gasp republican. we turn into sally field circa 1985 academy awards, they like us, really like us. a culture we despise as self-obsessed out of touch, godless, materialistic and generally uninformed suddenly becomes something we forgive
3:58 pm
because this one person shares our politics. are we that desperate for approval? when i criticized clint eastwood's performance because i thought it derailed our message and distracted from our purpose that night, i was met with a lot of applause from people who agreed. he derailed our message. it's clear, i don't do anything for applause the. but for some partisans on the far right the idea i would take a messenger to task was he rettic. to give clint eastwood cart blanche on the biggest night of the rnc rival those i've gotten over the years for criticizing the president, many worse. my message to these folks is two fold, for one, grow up, conservatives are supposed to be by nature skeptical and disce discerning, moral and political standards and he did not meet them. and second, check yourself. i care about this party and i care about this election and eastwood's performance was a bad decision. we had a great convention and i will argue with any democrat who says otherwise. but i wouldn't be honest and i wouldn't be a good conservative
3:59 pm
if i pretended that dirty harry's dirty sew little la ki did us any good and i don't appreciate being told by folks on my side i'm a traitor. i'm looking out for us, are you? >> great rant. i love to hear us both being critical of our own side. it's difficult to argue you had a great convention when you're still talking about clint eastwood days later. >> you're not a mouth piece. you're a thoughtful person and that's, you know, that's why you're here, not to just toe the line, but to actually tell what you think. >> well thank you. i hear you want to give a shout out to -- >> bo yankles, original bo jackals in charlotte, check it out and have bo biscuits and sweet tea. you will not regret it. >> that does it for "the cycle." martin it's yours. >> sarah elizabeth describing republicans as dets prats for approval. thank you. good afternoon, tuesday september 4th, here's what's happening. ♪


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